Parenting Styles

There are many different parenting styles and the outcome of each style is different. Helicopter parents can be overbearing. This type of parenting style makes it hard for the child to be his/her own person because the parents are always involved. It makes it difficult to develop decision-making skills because their parents make the decisions for them. Jellyfish parents let their child do what they want. This can have consequences as well. The child may have a warped sense of right from wrong because the parents have few rules and haven’t been a role model for the child. Tiger parents are to strict and prevent the child from being their own person as well. This may cause the child to sneak around because they feel they have to. Helicopter, Tiger, and Jellyfish parents are all extremes, but qualities from each would make for a good parenting style. Since one parenting style will not prepare a child for the world; parenting should be a bit of everything. An ideal parenting style would be one where the child has a reasonable amount of authority and freedom depending on what age they are. The parent should be able to give more freedom as the child gets older. They should be a good role model and discipline when needed, but with a sense of guidance. Parents should be there when the child wants them there, let them go out, but also discipline when doing wrong so the child is able to learn from the mistake. A combination of these parenting styles would be an ideal way to parent.


One thought on “Parenting Styles

  1. Hi Ariana,

    I agree that having a mix of each of these parenting styles is the best way to parent. In class we discussed how demanding/controlling and how accepting/responsive a parent is can truly affect a child’s behavior. This idea demonstrated that the right balance for a child will produce the “best result”. Growing up in my house, I had a mixture of parenting styles. I think the best way could also be parents that switch into different types of parenting styles when necessary. For example, I would describe my mom as an authoritative parent but would also become permissive for certain tasks such as when I was applying for scholarships and studying for the SAT. I definitely think that tiger moms are not an effective way of a raising child as well. I do disagree a little with how parents should discipline after letting a child go do their own thing. Depending on the situation, sometimes problems a child encounter from their actions could be blamed on the parents for not enforcing rules. This would make disciplining the child hard to do since the kid was just doing what they wanted and following what their parents were teaching them. Overall, your post showed that you really looked into the the ideal type of parenting by looking at each type of parenting style. Nice job!


    Natalie Shearer


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